My husband and I are trying to adopt a new routine for our home. We’ve been doing our laundry together every night for almost six months now, so it’s nice to have a routine in our house. There are so many different things to do this summer and fall, and I wanted to keep our home fresh, beautiful, and ready for the new year.

Kavita was my pick for the role and I was actually really excited for her (as she’s one of the most energetic ladies I’ve ever met). I also really loved her hair. She was so perfect for this part as she has a great way of moving that makes her seem as though she were moving. If you ever see me in a fancy outfit or something, you have to have a good look at my hair. It’s so cute.

I mean, I liked her to begin with, but I think we really nailed her in this new trailer. Her looks are fresh and beautiful and that really helped her get to this point in the game. She looks so sexy and confident too, and I think she has a great role to play.