Real estate agents have a lot of work to do. They are marketing to buyers, sellers, and renters while providing top-notch customer service. For this reason, real estate agents need all the help they can get in generating leads. It is where this article is supposed to come in. 

If you want to work for a real estate agent, read on because we’ll teach you how to get leads as an independent contractor. It might just be what you need to make it in this rough market. A charge is simply a person or entity that fits the ideal client requirements for a real estate agency. 

Lead generation involves finding these people and getting their contact information so that you can talk to them about your services. Generating leads can be done in many ways, but here are my five most effective methods:

5 Ways Real Estate Agents Generate Leads

1. Engage with Their Sphere of Influence

This method works best when you already know someone. For instance, when you are a Realtor who has referred friends to work with them, you can also direct them to your Real Estate Agent. 

You want to ensure that they know what they are doing and make the right decisions before you let them take on their clients. In this case, you leverage your value as a source of referrals by re-engaging your sphere of influence. 

Just remember that some people might want to keep their contacts private from other people and don’t want their real estate business spread around like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

It’s essential to keep that in mind when referring people to your real estate agent. The importance of the sphere of influence is that most people in this world already have a network of friends, family, and associates. You need to identify whom you will refer and ask their permission to mention them and their contact information when creating leads. 

2. Frequently Post on Social Media

Social media is an essential tool for generating leads. The real estate business runs on referrals, meaning you must work hard to get them. Why not spread the word about your company through social media? If you can engage people with your posts, you can increase the chances of people talking about your brand and eventually referring customers to you. 

Make sure your posts are interesting and reflect who you are as a person. No one follows anyone on social media for bland posts! My top recommendation for gaining recognition for yourself is to create an Instagram account dedicated to real estate. 

Pictures of the neighborhoods you cover are posted on your website. You can also post photos of houses and things that pertain to real estate. That’s what I did, and I have gained almost 1,000 followers! It will take some time to see results, but if you post quality content and engage with your followers, you will get there. 

3. Start an Email Newsletter

Creating a newsletter for your clients and yourself is another way to generate real estate leads. It can be a way to stay in touch with your clientele, show them that you care about their business, and keep them informed about what’s happening in their marketplace. 

You want to ensure your email newsletter is engaging, not stuffy and boring. Think of it as a fun activity that you do from time to time with a select group of people (that are interested in reading it) instead of something bland like “We have the new listings just posted.”

Depending on how frequently they use your real estate services, you can decide whether to send the newsletter out once a month or twice a month. Ensure it’s relevant to your clients so they can trust you and do business with you.

4. Geo Farm a Neighborhood

Geo farm refers to finding leads by visiting places in person. You can do this by geo-tagging Instagram photos with GPS coordinates and then sending them to an email or other distribution list. It can be a great way to give potential clients a good taste of what it takes to purchase real estate in your area.

Additionally, you can pass some time in your neighborhood park, library, or on your block! Talk to people as you walk around, but watch out for getting too personal. Most people don’t consider themselves at risk of being abused by their neighbors until it happens.

Real estate agents can generate leads in various ways, but one of the most effective is geo-farming a neighborhood. It is done by starting with a group of people that have already decided to move into the community and researching them to determine if they fit your ideal client profile. 

Typically, you would work with an agent who has already designated the area they are responsible for and put their reputation on the line. You want to ensure that you can provide value to your client while having the real estate agent work harder than anyone else, so it’s in your best interest.

5. Attending Network Events

This lead generation method is similar to the first one we mentioned because you need to know someone who can introduce you. At events like this, the real estate agent usually has a table to discuss their services. 

To get on the list, you may need to be referred by someone who has an established relationship with them. They probably won’t let any random person join their event unless they have built trust in their circle of influence. 

The great thing about attending these events is that they allow you (the independent contractor) and the real estate agent to meet your ideal client profile face-to-face. It can make the relationship more robust and enable you to refer them to your real estate agent later.


These steps are guaranteed to get you more clients, which is the only way you can effectively run your business. When you’re trying to manage other people’s real estate and make commissions from it, the last thing you want is for those people not to give your services a chance. 

You learned how to specialize in one area (or several areas) in this chapter and locate clients who require your services. The more clients you have, the more money that you can make! In the next chapter, we’ll cover how to boost your income in various ways. 

It takes more time and effort to manage some of your clients than to manage other people’s real estate, and that’s the last thing you want. It would help if you had a pretty good idea of which area of the country you would like to focus on. 

Additionally, a steady stream of potential clients who are looking for assistance with their real estate needs ought to be contacting you! You now need to figure out how to expand your company and boost your revenue.