If you have a ground or grass lawn on your premises, you understand how difficult it is to maintain it. And if the grass continues to grow, it can become a breeding ground for insects and be difficult to walk on. As such, mowers are a must-have as they make lawn maintenance look like a piece of cake. Companies like John Deere are constantly trying to create mowers that serve every purpose. So, if you’re planning to get one but don’t know which one to get, here’s a list that’ll be helpful to you:

1. Ride-On Mowers 

If you have a lawn and have to mow it regularly, then a ride-on mower is the right choice for you. Due to its convenience and user-friendly controls, it is easier to manage for everyday use. They are better than walk-along mowers, too, making grass-cutting a no-sweat job. It may be more expensive, especially if you buy something from a reliable manufacturer like John Deere, but they are definitely worth the investment if you’re a frequent user. 

2. Zero-Turn Mowers

If you want your mower to give you freedom of movement, this type of ride-on mower is the one to go for. Zero-turn mowers have hydrostatic transmissions in the rear wheels that are controlled by lap bars in the front wheels. They allow for precise cutting and can move in various directions with ease. You can take sharp turns or even pivot on this mower, and the steering is easy to use too. And due to their movability, they are easier to cut grass even in small nooks and corners. They are ideal for users who have moderate size lawns or fields. 

3. Walk Mowers 

As the name suggests, walk mowers are perfect for personal use. They are smaller in size, making them easier to store, and they come in different sizes and variants, but most of them require the user to exert force to an extent. 

4. Push Mowers

This compact mower is perfect if you want to maintain a small yard. This two-wheeler mower has to be manually pushed to move it across the grass. However, an upside of these mowers is their easy manoeuvring. And since you have full control over it, you can take it to spots that a ride-on mower will not be able to reach. But this is only worth it if you want to use it on a tiny lawn, preferably a yard. 

5. Power Mowers 

Again, the name says it all; these mowers run on a source of power, which will depend on the scale of your use and the strength you can put in during use. And since they run on power, they are best for moderate-sized lawns that need regular mowing. Some power sources are gas, batteries, engines, and manual power. 

6. Commercial Mowers

Commercial mowers are mostly a variant of ride-on mowers. It is best to invest in a high-quality commercial mower since it will be used for large-scale mowing tasks. So, look for companies like John Deere that offer multiple options and select the one that will suit your purpose. 

Buying such heavy equipment requires extensive research, but having a lawn mower will offer benefits that will help you long term. So, identify your purpose, research on the internet, select the right model for your use and, if you need to buy additional parts or spares, find places that offer you such services.