People have been wearing shapewear for a long time. Many celebrities, like Kylie Jenner and Sofia Richie, wear shapewear to shape the body and show off the silhouette. Bodysuits will not only cinch the waist and show off the body’s natural curves, but they can also boost the confidence of many people. When you wear the right shapewear, you feel more attractive and secure, and it keeps you comfortable.

As with other trends, Popilush is the name to follow if you want to know what’s a new trend in shapewear. High-quality shapewear dress from Popilush show off your personality and beauty. When you wear that shapewear, all of your flaws will be hidden. It has many different styles of shapewear for women, such as shaper dress, panties, and shapewear maxi dresses. Check out Popilush’s new trends in shapewear.

  1. Strapless U Plunge Thong Bodysuit Backless Bra

This Popilush bodysuit will solve all your problems with what to wear to a party. It has straps that can be taken off, underwired cups that stick to themselves, and an open back. It gives the bust a little lift and support. The smooth, stretchy fabric has no seams, so it’s almost impossible to see under clothes. This bodysuit with no back is perfect for wearing shapewear under your clothes without drawing attention to it. This cute costume is a great way to look fashionable while still getting the right body shape.

  1. Built-In Shapewear Slip Maxi Lounge Dress

This is another new shapewear dress trend in 2023. Don’t forget this shapewear maxi dress if you want to feel like a girl. This loungewear bodysuit looks great with a pair of heels. This can be used for a formal event or out for a walk in the park with flats. You can do anything you want with this beautiful piece of clothing.  

  1. Square Neck Short Sleeve Thong Bodysuit

It’s in style right now and the best covering piece you can have. This bodysuit from Popilush is great because it has short sleeves and can be worn under other clothes. Your body looks smoother and more toned in this bodysuit. It gives you the look of being tucked in, tightens your skin, and keeps your body temperature even. This is the best material to wear at any time of year.

  1. Sexy Lace Deep-V Neck Bodysuits and Skirt

Lace bodysuits from Popilush make you look cute, stylish, and trendy at any event. It is very light and airy so you can wear it anywhere without any hesitation. This one-piece shapewear is better at keeping everything in place than other items. It has a shaper material that makes your waist look smaller and gives you more control over your stomach.


Popilush is a well-known brand that makes trendy shaping bodysuits for women. Aside from the above shapewear dress, there are other options available, such as long lounge dresses, shapewear leggings, and bras. Visit the Popilush website for the most recent trends.